Upcoming Meeting Information

Please join us and bring a guest on March 20th, 2019 to ASHRAE-BTR at Drusilla Seafood, 3482 Drusilla Lane, Baton Rouge, LA.

Speaker Biography


Mr. David Rausch

Mr. Rausch is employed by Phoenix Controls and is currently the business development manager

for the Healthcare and Research Markets.  He has over 15 yrs experience in product design of specialty

mechanical devices and controls within the Healthcare and Research industry.  He is an active member

of ASHRAE, and TC 9.10 and TC 2.2.  He has a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Old Dominion University.


Speaker Topic – Optimal Airflow Design for Healthcare Environments

For Patients and Staff in Healthcare Facilities: Better Directional Airflow is a must! When priorities include

healthy patients and staff members, understanding and implementing directional airflow is a must.  During

this session you’ll learn how new ventilation design techniques, specifically with Venturi air valve technology

and proper controls, supports occupant satisfaction, better infection control, and improved room state flexibility,

as well as offering energy and operational savings.

Learning Objectives

+    Understanding the purpose of directional airflow in Healthcare environments.

+    The direction of Healthcare standards and how they are changing.

+    Infection control – “the dirty little secret” – Test results of comparison at various room states.

+    New techniques for ventilation control in Healthcare environments such as Operating Room,

       Isolation Rooms, and other areas like ICU patient rooms.

+    Opportunities to save energy and operation budget dollars in areas that are very demanding.